About Us

We are UNC-Asheville students producing a historical website for our digital history class. Through research on this project, our group focused on the conservation and preservation efforts of the Carolina Mountain Club, a club active in and important to the Asheville area. This project brings awareness to the Carolina Mountain Club’s work and mission to conserve and preserve the natural beauty of Western North Carolina. Our ultimate project goal is to inform the general public of these specific efforts and suggest ways so they too can help protect this sacred land. Our project began as an academic exploration into the emerging field of digital history and culminates in the creation of this public, digital history website. We hope this site outlives the class and serves as a strong foundation for both conservation efforts and their history.

Click the Road Below to Explore the Problems of Conservation and Preservation:

The Road

We could not have completed this project without the tremendous support systems of UNC-Asheville. We thank Dr. Pearson and Dr. Cameron for their flexibility this semester. Despite the road blocks, they were  always helping troubleshoot the countless and unforeseen technical difficulties incurred on the way. We would like to thank Dr. Cameron’s Gaming class who worked incredibly hard to provide all digital history sites with full interactives. We would also like to thank our wonderful Special Collections staff at Ramsey Library. They helped make the arduous task of selecting a topic easier and more enjoyable. Lastly we thank you the viewer for taking time out of your day to help us explore the history of the Carolina Mountain Club with us. Digital history allows everyone to interact with primary sources and relate the seemingly old to our daily lives.